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Five Fun & Festive Halloween Recipes (and Easy Too!)

I would make every one of these recipes if I hadn’t eaten my way through Italy last month. Even my apron is too tight! I found some of these recipes on Pinterest (check out my boards Halloween and Play With … Continue reading

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Zombie MD: Are You Dead Yet?

This post courtesy of Alex Berg circa 2006. Although it may not be readily apparent, some zombies are in better health than others. Last year nearly 80% of zombies suffered from corpserot, maggot infections, or missing limb syndrome-all preventable maladies. … Continue reading

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Zombie Jokes: Laugh Your Head Off!

Some of these jokes don’t have a leg to stand on, but other are dead on: What kind of streets do zombies live on? Dead-ends! Do zombies eat their dinner with their fingers? No they eat their fingers separately! Who … Continue reading

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