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These Reindeer Jokes Will Sleigh You!

What do reindeer say before telling you a joke ? This one will sleigh you ! Why do reindeer have fur coats? Because they would look silly in Polar fleece jackets! Why don’t you find many reindeer in the zoo? … Continue reading

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Open Casting Call for New Reality TV Show, “Thanksgiving Dinner”

The newly launched WTF (What The F*@%&) network is hosting an open casting call for Episode 4 (Thanksgiving Dinner) of its latest reality show, “Home for the Holidays“. Please bring proper ID, head shots, breakfast, lunch and dinner, pillow, sleeping … Continue reading

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Gay and Kate Make Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Bark

One of the perils of Pinterest is the overwhelming amount of food porn. I collect all the pretty pictures and recipes of treats I might make someday on a board called Play With Your Food but last week I saw … Continue reading

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Sticking it to the Man: Santa Claus Jokes

Somehow it doesn’t make sense to poke fun of the guy who, you hope, is going to take the time to fly to your house, climb down your chimney and fill your Christmas stockings with presents. However, we are willing … Continue reading

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Tis the Season for Christmas Jokes!

16 more days until Christmas! How do you make a fool laugh on Boxing Day? Tell him a joke on Christmas! What’s the best thing to give your parents at Christmas time? Your Christmas list! What’s the difference between snowmen … Continue reading

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Cheers! Quotes About Drinking

Bottoms up! If it wasn’t for the olives in his martinis he’d starve to death. Milton Berle To alcohol! The cause of – and solution – to all of life’s problems. Homer Simpson Now don’t say you can’t swear off … Continue reading

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Revenge is Sweet:Little Miss Muffet’s Favorite Spider Jokes

Little Miss Muffet is now in her sixties and an accomplished furniture  designer. Thanks to years of intense behavioral therapy, she is no longer an arachniphobe; in fact she relishes mocking anything with 8 legs. We thought we’d ask Ms … Continue reading

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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Puzzles

Want to include some puzzles and brain teasers in your Christmas stockings? Tangrams is a perennial favorite, our favorite game this year is Spectrix and if you are still stuck for ideas, get a gift card and present it in … Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Tightly-Wrapped Friend

OK. I have finally embarrassed myself. Here’s an attempt to list stocking stuffer ideas for the busy bee in your life-in under 30 seconds. The ideas are sound; the spokesperson…..needs a chill pill! Pictured above: Stress Wiener, Chocolate Buzz Bites, … Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Baby’s First Christmas

Let’s not forget about the babies on your Christmas list. No. They have no idea who Santa Claus is yet, but why not give the newest member of the family a bit of Mirth on Christmas morning? Watch this short … Continue reading

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