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Summer Flower Jokes: Hold Your Nose!

 Gardeners and gardenias! Are these even a lily bit funny?  Why couldn’t the flower ride a bike? Because its pedals fell off! What is a flower’s favorite drink? Root beer! Which flower looks like it just lost a fight? Black-eyed … Continue reading

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PSA: Summer Clothes Shrinkage Warning!

Did you know that merely storing one’s summer clothes in a closet during the cold winter months can cause significant shrinkage? Well it does! I put on a pair of my shorts from last year today and they are 2 … Continue reading

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Epic Quotes About Spring

Finally! It is officially spring! Summer makes me drowsy,
Autumn makes me sing,
Winter’s pretty lousy,
but I hate Spring. Dorothy Parker Whaaaa? Time to freshen up her Mint Julep! It is not spring until you can plant your foot upon twelve daisies. … Continue reading

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Blooming Flower Jokes!

Gardeners and Gardenias! We rooted around the internet to present to you with a bumper crop of flower jokes and puns: What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthemummies! What did the lawyer say to the judge? Iris my case! What … Continue reading

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