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Elf Jokes: Naughty and Nice

Why aren’t there more jokes about elves around? Because they are short tempered! Groan! Here are a few I found: What do you call an elf who sings? A wrapper! Why are Santa’s helpers depressed? They have low elf esteem! … Continue reading

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Bob Hope: Comedic Centarian!

I consider Bob Hope to be an expert on aging. Not only did he live to celebrate his 100th birthday, he was still able to crack jokes up until he died. Anne and I both have birthdays this month. Yes, … Continue reading

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9 Great Jokes About Skiing (and Ski Instructors)!

What’s the difference between a ski instructor and God? God doesn’t think he is a ski instructor. What do you call a successful ski instructor? A guy whose girlfriend has two jobs. Why are most jokes about skiers short? So … Continue reading

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Those Crazy Polar Bears: Polar Puns

Who knew polar bears were such jokesters? These jokes come straight out of the Arctic Comedy Clubs: What do you call fifty penguins in the Arctic? Lost! Penguins live in Antarctica! Where do seals go to see movies? The dive-in! … Continue reading

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Tis the Season for Christmas Jokes!

16 more days until Christmas! How do you make a fool laugh on Boxing Day? Tell him a joke on Christmas! What’s the best thing to give your parents at Christmas time? Your Christmas list! What’s the difference between snowmen … Continue reading

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Gobble These Up:Thankgiving Day Jokes

Has the thought of a big family dinner got you stressed and cranky? Here’s some seasonal PG humor (OK, a tad corny) that will make even your grouchiest aunt crack a smile: What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner? … Continue reading

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Is That Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

My friend Brian Bish recently got on a positivity kick. While scouting out optimism on the internet, I found plenty of references to “Is your glass half empty or half full?“. Here were some of my favorites: I guess I … Continue reading

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International Bacon Day & Bacon Jokes

Did you know that International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day? Well, neither did we! This little known holiday commemorates the most popular of the cured meats, bacon. We thought we’d help give bacon a group hug by … Continue reading

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