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May you find the bees but not the honey! Clever Curses!

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day I found some delightfully devilish curses: May you be afflicted with the itch but have no nails to scratch with! May you go to hell and not have a drop of porter to quench … Continue reading

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The Elephant Wore Green Sneakers on St Patrick’s Day And Other Jokes

Gee. Why did the elephant wear green sneakers on Saint Patrick’s Day? Because his red ones were dirty! Moving right along…. What do you call an Irishman bouncing off the walls? Rick O’Shea! What’s lazy and lieas around the pool? … Continue reading

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Saint Patrick’s Day Jokes

Mirth in a Box scoured the internet to find you this collection of Saint Patrick’s Day jokes. Wow. Now we see why the leprechauns are so testy! What do you call a dancing leprechaun with two left feet? A jig … Continue reading

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Knock Knock Jokes for Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17th comes only once a year so Mirth in a Box┬ádecided to pile on the Irish humor. Surprisingly, appropriate Knock Knock jokes were hard to find. Please send us some of your Irish/Leprechaun Knock Knock jokes. You’ll see them … Continue reading

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