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Flea Circus Owner Plagued by Low Attendance Figures

In retrospect he should have stuck with elephants. Itchy Scratchmore, proprietor of Flea Stooges Flea Spectacular, traded in his big top circus for a pint-sized pup tent. Tried of the fragrance of felines, the muck of monkeys and the creepiness … Continue reading

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Spring Fever Cases Spike in March

The Health Advocates Hypochondria Association (HAHA) announced last Friday that they anticipate a surge in Spring Fever diagnoses. The following are some of the most common signs of Spring Fever: Are you sweating profusely after exercising? Do you feel chilled … Continue reading

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UFO Welcome Center Erected in Fairfield, CT

March 2015 In an attempt to bolster tourism and a flagging economy, the tiny New England state of Connecticut has opened its arms to extraterrestrial aliens. The Nicola Tesla UFO Welcome Center was unveiled this weekend in Fairfield, CT. The … Continue reading

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Forget the Thigh Master! Ditch the Special K! Try Laughing!

More and more people are studying the effect of laughter on over all health. The tricky part is finding proof. Here are a few articles I read about the health benefits of a good guffaw last year: The Discovery Channel … Continue reading

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Pregnancy-It’s No Joke!

Know someone who is pregnant? These might be good for a belly laugh or two: I’m 2 months pregnant now. When will my baby move? If you are lucky right after he finishes college! Is there any reason I need … Continue reading

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All The King’s Horses and All The King’s Men Customer Service Survey As Completed by Humpty Dumpty

Yep. Alex Berg, 2006. This really cracked me up!!! Dear Mr. Dumpty- It has come to the attention of All The King’s Horses And All The King’s Men that you have recently contacted our help center. It is our goal … Continue reading

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Dracula’s October 31st To Do List

Count Dracula knows that for some vampires, Halloween can suck. Inefficiency drives the count batty so to prevent his favorite holiday from being a pain in the neck and to make his night run smoothly and efficiently, he plans carefully. … Continue reading

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Are You Invisible? Three Easy Tests

A helpful and timely article culled from a long dead blog, Microanalysis. Are You Invisible? In today’s fast-paced modern world, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not you are invisible. Perhaps you are boring, so people seem … Continue reading

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Fangs for the Bat Jokes!

Stick these in your belfry: What do you call a little bat? A battle! What is the best way to hold a bat? By its handle! What did one bat say to the other bat? Let’s go out for a … Continue reading

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Prometheus Voices A Concern by Alex Berg

Zeus? Can we talk for a second about this punishment you’ve meted out for me? And, before I begin, I am sorry about the whole giving fire to mankind thing. I didn’t think you’d take it like you did, and I … Continue reading

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