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The Great American Smoke Out Gala Party List

Can you say Intervention? The American Cancer Society(ACS) has designated Thursday November 15th as the Great American Smokeout Day. This day is to encourage smokers to kick the habit. What if the ACS decided to have a big party to … Continue reading

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Plenty o’ Puns

Pun noun[puhn]- A play on words; the humorous use of a word or phrase so as to emphasize its different meanings or the use of words that are alike (or nearly alike) in sound but different in meaning. I stayed up … Continue reading

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King of Punsters: Royal Pain?

Bud Freund, the awesome BNI Tech Guy is also a fan of the pun. He sent me reams of puns a few weeks ago. Here’s few gems: Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. How does Moses make his tea? … Continue reading

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Fruit and Vegetable Jokes

For your groaning pleasure, Mirth in a Box has harvested some of the finest fruit and vegetable jokes from the world wide web. Why do melons have fancy weddings?Because they cantalope. Why do potatoes make good detectives? Because they keep … Continue reading

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Connecticut to Undergo Treatment for Low Self Esteem

Fairfield, CT The US Department of State Psychiatry (USDSP) has announced that Connecticut will under go treatment for low self esteem effective immediately. “There are serious long term implications in having a state, so close to NYC and other population-dense … Continue reading

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Coughing & Screaming Ashtray: In Search of the Perfect Prank

Lab Notes: Numerous studies show that most people don’t want their houses stinking of tobacco but are too tender to ban the smokers in their lives to the back porch. We thought a Couching and Screaming Ashtray was the perfect … Continue reading

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Spoonerisms: Tips of the Slung

Spoonerisms are unintentional slips of the tongue (tips of the slung) where the speaker transposes the initial sounds or letters of 2 or more words. We do think that sometimes the error is deliberate! Check these out: Those girls are … Continue reading

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Peep Show: Easter Eye Candy

Marshmallow peeps are those ubiquitous, yellow, chicken-shaped candies we find in every Easter Basket. Originally created by the Just Born candy company in Bethlehem, PA in the mid 1950’s, these decorative sugary confections have morphed into every animal in the … Continue reading

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Mirth in a Box Interviews the Easter Bunny

Fictional character and American Dental Association (ADA) scapegoat, the Easter Bunny, spoke with Mirth in a Box yesterday in an effort to set the record straight on his family life, fitness regime, and oral hygenie. Does the phrase, “breed like … Continue reading

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The Kardashians Take Over College Basketball?

The Kardashians: Khloe, Kim and Kortney along with family members, Kris ( the mother), Kylie and Kendall, have long been supporters of men’s basketball. The Kardashian’s  support has ranged from merely attending  games up to dating and  marrying the players. … Continue reading

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