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Forget the Thigh Master! Ditch the Special K! Try Laughing!

More and more people are studying the effect of laughter on over all health. The tricky part is finding proof. Here are a few articles I read about the health benefits of a good guffaw last year: The Discovery Channel … Continue reading

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Weekly Drawing Prize: Coughing & Hacking Ashtray!

Our Mirth in a Box testing laboratory tried out ┬áthe Hacking, Coughing Ashtray and found that it works quit well. To recognize The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout (Nov 15th), we decided to use this as the prize in … Continue reading

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Prank Wars: Short Funny Video

Funny, funny video since I’m too lazy to write new material until after Labor Day. Once again, thanks Alex! Thank you Monica Smoot via Flckr for the dog with jester hat picture! Mirth in a Box sells fun & unusual … Continue reading

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