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Fore! Golf Quotes

Golf is a good walk spoiled. Mark Twain  I’m not feeling very well – I need a doctor immediately. Ring the nearest golf course! Groucho Marx  While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake. Henny … Continue reading

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Crazy Moments in Baseball History by A J Walkley

A. J. Walkley, soon to be famous novelist, has culled the web to find the craziest moments in baseball history. Thank you, Ali! That famous pastime, baseball has a special place in the hearts of many Americans. There are the … Continue reading

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April Fools! A Guest Post by Alison “A.J.” Walkley

April Fools’ Day has a lengthy history behind it, dating back to 536 BC in Iran on the 13th day of the Persian new year, the Roman festival of Hilaria and the Medieval Festival of Fools, believe it or not. … Continue reading

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Etch A Sketch Sales Sky Rocket!

A representative for The Ohio Art Company said sales of their Etch A Sketch has soared thanks to a gaff by Romney spokesperson, Eric Fehrnstrom. On March 21 Fehrnstrom said, “You hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything … Continue reading

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Spring Fever:It’s Contagious!

Fairfield, CT As of March 20st, spring is officially in the air and the United States braces for yet another epidemic of Spring Fever. Researchers at the CDC in Atlanta are studying to see if this year’s strain of spring … Continue reading

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Saint Patrick’s Day Jokes

Mirth in a Box scoured the internet to find you this collection of Saint Patrick’s Day jokes. Wow. Now we see why the leprechauns are so testy! What do you call a dancing leprechaun with two left feet? A jig … Continue reading

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The Ides of March Redux by Julius Ceasar

Did you know that Julius Ceasar was killed by Brutus outside the Theater of Pompeii on March 15th (aka the ides of March) in 44 B.C.? Well he was despite many warnings such as,”Beware of the Ides of March”. We … Continue reading

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New Vaccine Tested to Prevent March Madness

An infectious disease specialist in Fairfield, CT announced that he was beginning clinical trails for a new drug that could wipe out March Madness in the next decade. The doctor, who has asked for anonymity, cautioned that it was a … Continue reading

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Knock Knock Jokes for Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17th comes only once a year so Mirth in a Box decided to pile on the Irish humor. Surprisingly, appropriate Knock Knock jokes were hard to find. Please send us some of your Irish/Leprechaun Knock Knock jokes. You’ll see them … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Bracketologist: A PSA from Mirth in a Box

As NCAA basketball tip off time draws nearer, psychologists are seeing an increase in Bracketology related complaints. Mirth in a Box asked several experts to compile a list of warning signs to help a recognize the symptoms of Bracketology. Be … Continue reading

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