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Who’s There? More Knock Knock Jokes!

Some people just can’t get enough of Knock Knock jokes. Luckily for those folks, we can’t either! Here’s a few more: Knock Knock! Who’s there? Thistle. Thistle who? Thistle be the last time I knock on this door! Knock Knock! … Continue reading

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May the Quartz Be With You: Geology Jokes

My brother and his wife both studied geology at Mount Union College in Alliance, OH. I’m not sedimental but here are a few geology jokes for my brother on his birthday: Why wasn’t the geologist hungry? He lost his apatite! … Continue reading

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Can’t Believe What You Hear? May Be a Mondegreen! Word Play!

A mondegreen [mahn deh GREEN] is a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or, most frequently, sung. “Very close veins” is a mondegreen for “varicose veins”. Get it? Here are some hysterical hearing mishaps. Please … Continue reading

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What Makes You Laugh?

We asked a few people what makes them laugh. Guess what the number one answer was! What makes you laugh? We really want to know! Mirth in a Box sells care packages and gifts to cheer your friends whenever they … Continue reading

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5 Great Quotes About College

Sigh! Spent most of my time at college counting the days until I graduated. Looking back…those were fun times! Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.Mark Twain College is a refuge from hasty judgment.Robert Frost College is a … Continue reading

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Groundhog Extermination Plot Foiled

Punxsutaney, PA . Punxsutaney police worked closely with US Army special ops forces to help foil a plot intended to  wipe out all groundhogs in the North American Continent. Helen Hiwater, Weather Channel anchor and avid gardener, allegedly planned  to exterminate all Marmota monax (ground hogs) by detonating a … Continue reading

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Football Jokes: This Year We Insert NY Jets

Unfortunately the 2012 season has made The New York Jets the butt of many jokes. What do you call a Jets fan with half a brain? Gifted! If you see a Jets fan on a bike, why should you not … Continue reading

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King of Punsters: Royal Pain?

Bud Freund, the awesome BNI Tech Guy is also a fan of the pun. He sent me reams of puns a few weeks ago. Here’s few gems: Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. How does Moses make his tea? … Continue reading

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Comedies for the College Bound: “Animal House” and Beyond

Starting college can be an anxiety-ridden time for both parents and students. After you make your lists and do your shopping, take some time to relax and watch a few good movies about college life. I recently asked my Facebook … Continue reading

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