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Summer Doldrums Disorder: Keep Suffering in Silence!

Medical professionals around the world gathered last week for the annual conference on Summer Doldrums Disorder (SDD) funded by the Bosses Alliance for Work & Labor (BAWL). Attendees spent the week water skiing, golfing, sailing, playing tennis and canoing. SDD … Continue reading

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King of Punsters: Royal Pain?

Bud Freund, the awesome BNI Tech Guy is also a fan of the pun. He sent me reams of puns a few weeks ago. Here’s few gems: Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. How does Moses make his tea? … Continue reading

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Troll Sighting Near Burr Homestead

Fairfield, CT According to a friend of a friend, a small, naked troll was seen strolling past the Burr Homestead late Friday night. A passerby chased the troll in to some shrubbery and quickly phoned her best friend. News of … Continue reading

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