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Elf Jokes: Naughty and Nice

Why aren’t there more jokes about elves around? Because they are short tempered! Groan! Here are a few I found: What do you call an elf who sings? A wrapper! Why are Santa‚Äôs helpers depressed? They have low elf esteem! … Continue reading

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Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Small Games

Hey Santa! Did your elves tell you that almost everyone likes to find a few games inside their stockings? Yep. It’s a fact and we made a video to help you know which games are small enough to fit nicely … Continue reading

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Saul Kripke’s Christmas List

A post by Alex Berg from his early years. We must note that Saul Kripke is Jewish (his father was a Rabbi). To all interested parties, I1 would be happy to receive any of the following items2 as Christmas gifts: … Continue reading

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A Venerated Turkey Speaks On The Eve Of Thanksgiving by Alex Berg

Sigh. Alex Berg, you’ve captured the spirit of Thanksgiving perfectly. Would you like a thigh or breast? A Venerated Turkey Addresses His Fellow Birds, Offering His Wisdom And Counsel, On The Eve Of Thanksgiving Fellow turkeys- Thanksgiving is a day … Continue reading

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What? Mother in Law Jokes?

While I was pulling together some jokes on families I found way too many mother-in-law jokes. Good grief! I got off lucky! Hey! Wait a minute! I do have a son-in-law. I’m sure he would never make fun of me. … Continue reading

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