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10 Valentines Day Jokes for the Nerds in Your Life

Geek overdose! Why did the geologist take his girlfriend to the quarry? He wanted to get a little boulder! Why couldn’t the chemist trust her boyfriend the atom? Atoms make up everything! What did the stimulus do to the neuron … Continue reading

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Got Chemistry? We’ve Got Some Jokes!

We are in our element with these Chemistry jokes: A photon checks into a hotel and the porter asks him if he has any luggage. The photon replies: “No, I’m traveling light.” An electron is driving down a motorway, and … Continue reading

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I Told a Chemistry Joke… There was No Reaction!

Chemistry jokes are not Boron . They are elemental and here’s proof: How often does the chemistry professor make chemistry jokes? Periodically. What do you do with a dead chemist? Barium! Heard any good jokes about Sodium? Na. How did the … Continue reading

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