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Bzzzzzz! Insects are Intense!

Get it? If you’ve ever gone camping you know that insects are found IN TENTS!!!!!Never mind. Here are some cute insect & bug quotes with a touch of poetry: Take time to smell the roses and eventually you’ll inhale a … Continue reading

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These Are In Tents: Corny Camping One Liners

If you’re not in New York, you’re camping out.  Thomas E. Dewey
 I married a woman who loves to camp, and I am what you would call “indoorsy”… My wife always brings up, “Camping’s a tradition in my family.” Hey, … Continue reading

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Forest Critters Jokes

Just in time for camping season! What do call a raccoon with a carrot in each ear? Anything you want! He can’t hear you! Did you hear the joke about the owl? It was a hoot! What do you call … Continue reading

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Ssssssuper Ssssssilly Snake Jokes

Why not send these to your buddy who loves to go camping? What do you do if you find a poisonous snake in your toilet? Wait for it to finish! What do you get if you cross a snake with … Continue reading

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