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I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Giddy Up! Horse Jokes

What did the horse say when it fell? I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup! How long should a horse’s legs be? Long enough to reach the ground! What do you ask a sad horse? Why the long face? Did you … Continue reading

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Summer Flower Jokes: Hold Your Nose!

 Gardeners and gardenias! Are these even a lily bit funny?  Why couldn’t the flower ride a bike? Because its pedals fell off! What is a flower’s favorite drink? Root beer! Which flower looks like it just lost a fight? Black-eyed … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Memories: Froot Loops Foil First Kiss (PG13)

Long Lake Camp c.1994 via Alex Berg I am lactose intolerant. I did not realize I was lactose intolerant until about halfway through high school. Up until then, I thought constant diarrhea was just the normal state of affairs for … Continue reading

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Who’s There? More Knock Knock Jokes!

Some people just can’t get enough of Knock Knock jokes. Luckily for those folks, we can’t either! Here’s a few more: Knock Knock! Who’s there? Thistle. Thistle who? Thistle be the last time I knock on this door! Knock Knock! … Continue reading

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Having Seconds? Cannibal Jokes

Here’s another dollop of cannibal jokes!  When do cannibals leave the table?  When everyone’s eaten! What do cannibals eat for dessert?  Chocolate covered aunts! What is a cannibal’s favorite game?  Swallow the leader! What did the cannibals do at the … Continue reading

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The New York TImes Weighs in on Care Packages

A few weeks ago someone from the New York Times asked if he could interview me about a growing trend in summer camps, the banning of care packages. Gulp! In mid July a very informative article appeared in the Sunday … Continue reading

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Dig These:More Archaeologist Jokes!

These jokes are ancient! How did the ancient Romans cut their hair? With a pair of Caesars. Why did the archaeologist quit his job? Because his career in ruins! Why did Alexander the Great go to the dentist? To get … Continue reading

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What Makes You Laugh?

We asked a few people what makes them laugh. Guess what the number one answer was! What makes you laugh? We really want to know! Mirth in a Box sells care packages and gifts to cheer your friends whenever they … Continue reading

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Earth Day Jokes: How Do Trees Get on the Internet?

They LOG in!  Here are a few more green-tinged jokes to celebrate Earth Day: What do you tell a rain forest that is about to be cut down? Run, Forest, Run! Have you heard the one about the recycling bin with … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew and Nick Nickerson Call it Quits after 60 Years

Teenage sweethearts, Nancy Drew and Nick Nickerson have decided to separate after 60 years of courtship. A spokesperson for Ms Drew claimed the split was amicable and cited irreconcilable differences. A source close to Mr. Nickerson hinted that Nancy’s relationship … Continue reading

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