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Why Camp Care Packages Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Camp Care Packages are wonderful opportunities for parents to introduce new activities to their kids, to keep school skills sharp (oh so subtly!), and to teach their children about sharing and cooperation. Here’s how you can get an A+ from … Continue reading

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Camp Care Packages: USPS Padded Envelopes Only-WHAAAAA?

Oh boy! Just as soon as I build a website that sells camp care packages, camps begin to restrict or even ban care packages. Harumf! The good news is I wouldn’t be able to handle selling and sending care packages … Continue reading

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Common Camp Care Package Restrictions: How To Avoid Rejection!

Did you know more and more camps are restricting care packages? Yep. It’s true. Most camps prohibit any sort of food even Grandma Etta Super Duper Chocolate Chips cookies….or apples! Camp directors claim that food in care packages can attract … Continue reading

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