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What Does the Dyslexic Cow Say? Yoga Jokes!

Ommmmmmmmm! Why doesn’t the yogi use a vacuum cleaner on his rug? Too many attachments! How does a yogi prepare her chickens for dinner? Nothing special. She just tells them they are going to die. What does yoga meditation and … Continue reading

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First Year at College: A Care Package Created Just for Freshman!

Light seeps under the dorm room door. It’s past midnight. Your first born’s stomach mews pathetically for food. The tiny rented refrigerator is empty. Without warning, whitewashed recollections of home and family overwhelm your child. He reaches for his phone … Continue reading

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An Interview with a Water Buffalo by Alex Berg

The following interview was conducted on behalf of the United Water Buffalo Council, an organization dedicated to preserving the rich history and culture of this magnificent creature. First off, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. My … Continue reading

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Having a Picnic with Knock Knock Jokes!

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Falafel. Falafel who? Falafel my bike & cut my knee! (this one’s for you, Adel!) Knock Knock! Who’s there? Catsup. Catsup who? Catsup on the roof. Should I bring him down? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Clara. … Continue reading

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Dusty, Dirty, Droll: Archaeology Jokes

Look at the archaeology jokes we dug up! These are so old they are ……. pre-hysterical! What do you get in a 5 star pyramid? A tomb with a view! What was the most popular children’s movie in ancient Greece? Troy … Continue reading

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Final Exams Got You Down? Let Albert Einstein Cheer You Up!

How is it possible that a man whose name is synonymous with genius can make me feel so good about myself? Here’s a few of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein for all those suffering through final exams: A person … Continue reading

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