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Mirth, Merriment, Hilarity and Har-De-Har: Quotes About Laughing

Don’t let the long, cold winter snuff out your sense of humor! I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. Woody Allen When humor goes, there goes civilization. Erma Bombeck Laughter is the tonic, the … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July! A Few Funny Quotes

I came across a few funny quotes about the 4th of July while I was looking for a new potato salad recipe. Enjoy! Dear America, Happy Independence Day and thanks for running the world since we retired (China wants the … Continue reading

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Thank You, Bill Cosby, for Setting the Bar So High!

Gee. Really? Happy Fathers Day! Shhhh!!!! Do not tell my kids this! Mirth in a Box sells fun and usual care packages and gifts.

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Is That Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

My friend Brian Bish recently got on a positivity kick. While scouting out optimism on the internet, I found plenty of references to “Is your glass half empty or half full?“. Here were some of my favorites: I guess I … Continue reading

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Daddy Dearest: Fathers’ Day Quotes

Human beings are the only creatures on Earth that allow their children to come back home. Bill Cosby Children are a great comfort in your old age. And they help you reach it faster too. Lionel Kauffman By the time … Continue reading

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