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Eat, Drink and Be Scary: My Favorite Quotes About Halloween

Seven more days until halloween…but who’s counting? Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on. River Phoenix Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night. Steve Almond Studio 54 made Halloween in Hollywood look … Continue reading

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Prometheus Voices A Concern by Alex Berg

Zeus? Can we talk for a second about this punishment you’ve meted out for me? And, before I begin, I am sorry about the whole giving fire to mankind thing. I didn’t think you’d take it like you did, and I … Continue reading

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Egyptologists Excavate Prehysterical Jokes!

Who did the Egyptologist visit when she had a pain in her back?  A Cairopractor!  Why did Cleopatra shun her therapist? Because she was the Queen of Denial! Cleopatra: I’d like to take a milk bath now. Attendant: Pasteurized? Cleopatra: … Continue reading

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A Cornucopia of Cannibal Jokes

While scouring the internet for food jokes, I found bushels of cannibal jokes. Here’s a few of my favorites: What did the cannibal order for take out? A pizza with everyone! Why was the cannibal expelled from school? He was … Continue reading

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Groundhog Extermination Plot Foiled

Punxsutaney, PA . Punxsutaney police worked closely with US Army special ops forces to help foil a plot intended to  wipe out all groundhogs in the North American Continent. Helen Hiwater, Weather Channel anchor and avid gardener, allegedly planned  to exterminate all Marmota monax (ground hogs) by detonating a … Continue reading

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Empty Nest Disorder: Recognizing the Symptoms

Have your children recently left for college? Have you found yourself staring listlessly at the empty laundry bin, your full refrigerator, and your clean floors? Do you find the quiet in your house unnerving? Have you recently slept through the … Continue reading

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