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Bacon Jokes: A Lot of Baloney!

Each year on the Saturday before Labor Day, the most popular of all the cured meats, Bacon, is served up its own special day, International Bacon Day! This year it is Sept 5th. Here are a few bacon jokes for … Continue reading

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International Bacon Day & Bacon Jokes

Did you know that International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day? Well, neither did we! This little known holiday commemorates the most popular of the cured meats, bacon. We thought we’d help give bacon a group hug by … Continue reading

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Charges Filed Cholesterol Testing Scandal

A grand jury indicted more than 50 overweight men in a covert nationwide sting aimed at uncovering wide spread fraud in cholesterol testing. Trying to avoid test results that could subject them to lifetime of high fiber foods and fish … Continue reading

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