Guest Post Writing Guidelines

BloggingGee, thanks for your interest in being a guest blogger for Mirth in a Blog! Here’s a few guidelines for you:

  • Read a few posts to get an idea of what we like to publish. It is a humor blog. Certainly does not need to be knee-slapping, but it does need to be light-hearted.
  • Please submit original content only. I don’t mind if you reuse or adapt something you’ve written in the past.
  • Use spell check! I might make a few edits but then again, I might not!
  • Short is best! Yes, yes, I know I don’t always heed that but 300-500 words is probably all our readers can handle at one sitting. FYI, do not hesitate to submit a 100 words post!
  • I love photos, graphics, cartoons and videos! Would that I had time to indulge. If that’s your strong suit, bring it on!
  • Include a bio! I’ll give you links to your blog, your Facebook page, your website, your Twitter account…..
  • Please submit articles to I like word documents!
  • I’ll let you know when I plan to use the article so you can tell all your friends!

Need ideas? I’d be happy to send you some!

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