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DIY Disaster! What NOT To Do When Making Jello Worms!

Ohhhh! I saw so many pictures of worms made out of gelatin on Pinterest. They all looked really easy to make! Feeling inspired I bought the ingredients to whip up a batch. I used a recipe from Instructables, Bowl of … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Varenna, Italy

Great Ceasar’s Ghost! OK. Not really, but at the Castello di Vezio in Varenna, Italy there are almost a dozen life-sized ghosts hanging around the castle. These ghosts are made every spring from gauze covered with a chalk mixture (hey, … Continue reading

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Mug Cake Recipes: Some Easy, Some Not, All Delicious!

It took me a minute or two to grasp the concept of a mug cake. These tasty treats evolved from the popularity of cupcakes. Some true genius decided to create a one person cake that could be mixed and microwaved … Continue reading

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Gay and Kate Make Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Bark

One of the perils of Pinterest is the overwhelming amount of food porn. I collect all the pretty pictures and recipes of treats I might make someday on a board called Play With Your Food but last week I saw … Continue reading

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Five Fun & Festive Halloween Recipes (and Easy Too!)

I would make every one of these recipes if I hadn’t eaten my way through Italy last month. Even my apron is too tight! I found some of these recipes on Pinterest (check out my boards Halloween and Play With … Continue reading

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Halloween Hijinx: Werewolf Cupcakes

I was poking around on Pinterest last month and found a recipe for these funny and fierce cupcakes. Thought they would be perfect for Halloween. They come from a blog called Thanks  for letting us use your post! These … Continue reading

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Summer Birthday Party Relay Races

Oh the lucky kids who have summer birthdays! Both of my sons were born during the dog days of summer and they had some wonderful parties. Relay races are a great way  take advantage of the warm weather and wear … Continue reading

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