Snow Day Essentials

Snow Day Essentials

Brrrrrr! As we ring in the new year, mounds of snow have already made their way into our backyards and it seems like they are here to stay.  With great snow accumulation comes a great amount of snow days.  But despite the excitement on a child’s face when they are told school is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions, a parents face seems to simultaneously cringe in panic.  What could possibly keep one’s child entertained for the duration of a snow day, without driving their parents crazy? Don’t worry MirthInABox is here to help with some fun snow day essentials that will put a smile on every parent and child’s face.

  1. Board games- board games are a great way to involve the whole family in a friendly snow day competition.  Some of our staff’s favorite games include, Zeus On The Loose, Hanabi, and Loot all of which are sure to keep the kids busy and happy.
  2. Ear Plugs for Mom and Dad- For the parents that are having trouble coping with their children’s bountiful energy exploding all over the house, ear plugs are here to save the day.
  3. An Indoor Sport (That Won’t Damage Any Furniture)- After a few hours of being indoors, cabin fever is sure to set in.  To keep the kids moving, MirthInABox offers a miniature basketball hoop that can easily be attached to a door or a wall and a small basketball to go with it.
  4. A DIY Activity- The Stitch and Sketch DIY Journal will transform any child into an embroidering artist and keep them busy creating a snow day masterpiece.
  5. Coloring the Day Away Alongside the Kids- Kids are not the only ones who can get bored on a snow day: The Color Relax Pocket-Sized Adult Coloring Book is a great way for a parent to keep their mind occupied on a frigid snow day as well!

Each of these products are available for purchase on our website!

Happy Snow Days!

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