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Cheep Shots: The 10 Best Bird Jokes

How do you identify a bald eagle? All his feathers are combed over to one side! What do you give a sick bird? Tweetment! Why does a stork stand on one leg? Because it would fall over if it lifted the other one! … Continue reading

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This Flu Joke Might Make You Sick!

But it certainly made me laugh! This year’s run of the Flu is certainly serious, but here at Mirth In A Box we try to find a little bit of laughter in everything. Patient: “Doctor, doctor! Can you help me? I am awfully … Continue reading

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Classic Jokes That Will Still Get You Laughin’

Here at Mirth In A Box, we are huge fans of laughing, any type of comedic behaviors, but most of all, we love jokes! A good joke can outlast the test of time.  If recited correctly with just the right … Continue reading

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Brrrrr! Snowman Jokes

Here are a few Snowman jokes to get you through the bitter cold this winter! We’re hoping that a good laugh will help keep you warm! Why did Frosty the Snowman divorce his wife? Because his wife turned out to … Continue reading

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Snow Day Essentials

Brrrrrr! As we ring in the new year, mounds of snow have already made their way into our backyards and it seems like they are here to stay.  With great snow accumulation comes a great amount of snow days.  But despite the … Continue reading

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