What to Get the Person Who Has Everything

What to Buy the Person Who Has Everything

It is officially the Holiday season! You know what that calls for- an abundance of festive lights, kitchens filled to the brim with baked goods, and of course the joyous yet stressful task of gift giving. And with that comes the obligatory question, “what do I get the person who has everything?” But before you let that nagging question put a damper on your holiday cheer, MirthInABox.com is here to help! Here are a few great gift ideas that are sure to brighten everyone’s holiday, especially the person you are having trouble buying for.

  1. Cocktail Party Box- This gift is sure to get the party started! Equipped with wine glass ID tags, drinking games and much more, this game is perfect for any cocktail enthusiast.

2. Class Prankster Box– This box is perfect for the playful jokester of the group. It includes many of the traditional prank gadgets that can entertain for hours.  Such as, snake in a mint can, chomping teeth, flingshot monkey, and more!

3. Always On The Go Box– This box is the perfect investment for a boss, colleague, or friend who never seems to have enough hours in the day. It includes on the go snacks, a ceramic coffee mug, breath mints and more!

4. Board Games– For the game fanatic, or super competitive friend, MirthInABox.com offers a plethora of mind games, word games, and even Mensa approved games already packed together in a box for your convenience.

5. Make your own box–  Our website offers dozens of quirky, funny, creative, and gift worthy products that you can easily put together to create your own personalized one of a kind box!

Each of these suggestions are available for purchase on our website!

From everyone at MirthInAbox.com, we wish you a happy holiday season (full of chuckles, and jokes).


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