Dribble Glasses: In Search of the Perfect Prank

Lab Notes: A dribble glass is an seemingly innocent glass with tiny, virtually undectectable holes in the sides, usually covered by etchings or painted designs. When an unsuspecting victim drinks from this glass, liquid dribbles down his chin and hilarity ensues. The original dribble glass was created by the godfather of gags, S. S. Adams.  In keeping with most of his inventions, it is subtle, simple and satisfying. However, this old-school prank was about as hard to find as a rotary telephone. We did manage to locate a few of these classic jokes and sent for them.

Testing: During side-by-side visual comparisons, our quality control department Dribble glass great prank Mirth in a Boximmediately rejected the plastic dribble glasses.  The glass version of the prank was clearly superior. We tested 3 different juice-sized tumblers, tucking them in with regular beverage containers in 2 different locations: a home kitchen pantry and an office lunchroom. Each and every time the counterfeit container was selected, the drinker was treated to a wet chin and a sodden shirt. Befuddled and embarrassed at first, only one of the dozen or so victims realized that the glass she was drinking from was a planted prank.

All three glasses were similar in quality and performed well, so we ultimately picked the one that came from the closest warehouse. Call us green!

Conclusion: Few pranks can serve up satisfaction like the Dribble Glass. The material integrity of glass, though weightier than plastic, makes this an ideal trick to use over and over. It stood up well to repeated washings.

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