Witty and Wacky Witch Jokes

We’ve got a cauldron full of witch jokes that are sure to make your tricker or treaters halloween witchgroan with pleasure!

  • Why was the witch kicked out of school? She flunked spelling!
  • Is it possible to tell twin witches apart? Nope. No one can tell which witch is which!
  • Why do witches fly around on broomsticks? Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy!
  • What is worse than being a three hundred pound witch? Being her broom!
  • What do you call two witches that live together?Broom mates!
  • What kinds of tests do witches take? Hex-aminations!
  • Why shouldn’t angry witches ride their broomsticks? They might fly off the handle!
  • What do you call a sweet, gentle witch? A failure!
  • Why won’t a witch wear a flat-topped hat? Because there is no point in it!

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