Tom Swifties: A Never Ending Source of Amusement

“We must hurry”, Tom said swiftly…..the little sentence that spawned so many more! Please send us your favorites!

  • “Give me the gun,” Tom said disarmingly.Tom Swifty
  • “I don’t think this ship is tilting at all,” Tom said listlessly.
  • “My mother got a sex change,” Tom said transparently.
  • “I have lost all my Hungarian sheet music,” Tom said listlessly.
  • “I swallowed some of the glass from that broken window,” Tom said painfully.
  • “Watch this insect sail through the air,” Tom said flippantly.
  • “I was the first to climb Mount Everest,” Tom said hilariously.
  • “Someone pass the Parmesan,” Tom said gratingly.
  • “My bicycle wheel is damaged,” said Tom outspokenly.
  • “_____,” Tom said blankly.
  • “It’s not fair!” Tom said darkly
  • “I brush my teeth several times a day,” Tom said implacably.
  • “The prisoner escaped down a rope,” Tom said condescendingly.
  • “I can see naturally,” Tom realized.

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