Tom Swifties: Wordplay at Its Best!

Who doesn’t love a Tom Swifty (we say heartily)? See how nicely the adverb connects to Booksthe words in the quotation?

  • “Who’s your favorite operatic tenor?” Tom asked placidly.
  • “I’m still looking for my beagle,” Tom said doggedly.
  • “I’ve removed all the feathers from this chicken,” said Tom pluckily.
  • “Give me some more macaroni and cheese, and I’ll tell you,” Tom said craftily.
  • “I need a drink,” Tom said drily.
  • It’s the maid’s night off,” Tom said helplessly.
  • “There it is again!” Tom recited.
  • “This is a sick bird,” said Tom illegally.
  • “I enjoy exploring tombs,” Tom said cryptically.
  • “I brought the dessert,” Tom said piously.
  • “I forgot what to buy,” Tom said listlessly.
  • “My stereo’s half-fixed,” Tom said monotonously.
  • “We must go to the back of the ship,” Tom said sternly.
  • “What are these berries?” Tom rasped.
  • “This is just like a fairy tale,” Tom said grimly.

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photo credit: “Tsundoku” via photopin (license)

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