Camp Care Packages: What Would Roseanne Connor Do?

Roseanne Connor, matriarch of the 1980’s sitcom, “Roseanne”, was the antithesis of 90sitcom6television’s usual crop of sugary, well-spoken,model-thin mothers. Roseannne’s chaotic, yet loving, parenting style was a breathe of fresh air to some mothers-and an irritant to many others. So what would this lovable loud mouth put in her kids’ camp care packages?

Even if the camp has banned food in care packages, I bet Roseanne would see that as a challenge and would, most certainly, smuggle some gum or other sugary contraband in to her kids’  boxes. An electronic fart machine-remote control fart machine great gift for farterdefinitely. Fake vomit, fake dog poop, a handful of rubber cockroaches, some fart putty might be included. Maybe a large rubber rattle snake and a wind up mouse. A care package from Roseanne would be the hit of the bunkhouse!

Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual Cockroachescamp care packages. Want to create your own box?  We’ve got hundreds of items to pick from! 

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  1. Sonny Son says:

    Man look how young john goodman looks there!

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