Camp Care Packages: What Would Claire Huxtable Do?

Claire Huxtable was the perfect TV mom on the popular “ The Cosby Show”. A portable sketch book and colored pencilspracticing attorney and mother of five kids, the brilliant & beautiful Claire managed a happy ending each and every week. She was both sensible and loving. What would a camp care package from this TV mom contain?

Claire Huxtable would view a camp care package as an opportunity to reinforce skills learned during the school year. She would certainly include reading & writing materials, and perhaps some crossword & Sudoku puzzle books for quiet times. I bet she’d also include some card games that the entire bunk could card game SETplay and probably some sort of physical toy like a jump rope or Frisbee.

To make sure her kids’ right brains got a work out, Claire might include a sketch pad, colored pencils, origami kit, and some embroidery floss for friendship bracelets.

Have I missed anything? What do you think this super mom would pack in her care packages?

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By Phylicia_Rashad,_Red_Dress_Collection_2007.jpg: The Heart Truth derivative work: J at en.wikipedia (Phylicia_Rashad,_Red_Dress_Collection_2007.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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