15 Great Gifts to Send Your Kid at Summer Camp

It’s so much fun to create a camp care package! About half of the care packages we send tocard game for camp campers are ones that parents create themselves using our Build Your Own Box feature.  Here are some of the most popular items (Thank you, parents!):

  1. Uno This is a perennial favorite. Most kids know the rules, it is a good game for larger groups, and if your child loses a card (or two), it is not the end of the world. Plus its small size makes it easy to store in a cabin.
  2. Temporary Tattoos- Because real tattoos are soon permanent!
  3. High Bounce Sponge Balls- Or any sort of ball, but these are the most popular on our website. They are small, colorful, and well-made.hippie tattoo
  4. Checkers Set- A summertime staple!
  5. Origami Kits- We carry several different origami kits and they all sell very well.
  6. Grown Up Coloring Books- I love these ‘adult’ coloring books and I guess I’m not alone! If you do send one of these, don;t forget to include colored pencils or markers.
  7. Glow SticksAnything glow-in-the-dark is
  8. Jump Ropes and Skippers- Great way to burn off excess energy, improve coordination, and they are fun too!
  9. 6 Way Fake Mustaches- These have always been a top seller. Not sure why but it was my oldest son’s request that we carry these!6 way fake mustache gift mirth in a box
  10. Whoopee Cushions- Nothing like whoopee cushion to get the entire camp giggling.
  11. Jumping Spiders- These look pretty realistic from a distance and they really do TY-SPACESPIN_1jump! All sorts of rubber bugs and snakes are camp gold!
  12. Velcro Catch Game- Gotta love velcro! Makes playing catch so much easier!
  13. Embroidery Floss- For scratching your child’s creative itch! Some kids spend their summers making friendship bracelets out of this. I have yet to figure out how to make one.
  14. Space Spinners- These have been a hit since we started carrying them 2 years ago.
  15. Zombie Sleep Mask- A fun way to keep the early morning sun out of your camper’s eyes!

Let us know what your children like to see in their camp care packages!

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual camp care packages! Check out our site for even more ideas!

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