Camp Care Packages: What Would Morticia Adams Do?

I loved mid 1960’s show, “The Addams Family”! They made my family seem so normal!The Addams Family

Mortician Addams is a perfect person to channel if you need ideas for an uncommon camp care package. ¬†What would Morticia Addams pack for Wednesday and Pugsley’s camp care packages? Here’s my best guesses:

  1. Rubber bugs
  2. Realistic rubber snakes
  3. Zombie Sleep mask
  4. Jumping Spiders
  5. Tarot cards
  6. Finger food (get it?)
  7. Joke book to lift their spirits
  8. Ouija Board

What else might Morticia include in a camp care package?

Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual camp care packages. We have a wide Zombie Finger Puppetsselection of rubber bugs, snakes, wind up mice, and jumping spiders, too! And a Zombie Sleep Mask, zombie finger puppets, and really awesome fortune telling cards.

Thanks Wikimedia for the Addams Family photo!

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