Ta Da! Check Out Our Newest Flat Camp Care Packages!

flat camp care package

Ultimate Camp Flat Pack

Has your child’s summer camp just changed the care package policy? Oy! We feel your pain. Many camps are encouraging parents to only send what can fit in a large USPS envelope (about 12″x8″). This is actually wonderful-they are easy for the camp to distribute, storing larger gifts in a tiny bunk or tent can be a problem, and it is the thought that counts, right!

We have always had a few flat packs, but every year we can’t resist adding a few more! Here are the new flat camp care packages for 2016:

flat Camp Care Package

Mind Stretch Flat Camp Care Package

Want to know what our best sellers were last year?

Many parents sent these smaller packs to camps that allowed jumbo-sized care packages-just because they’re fun! Our flat packs were so popular we last year added a few mid summer (Awesome Camp Care Package and Sleep Tight Flat Pack).

Hope you’re excited about this summer camp season! We sure are. As always, we are available by email (gaygasser@mirthinabox.com), phone (203 292-9290) or text (203 339 1799) if you have any questions or concerns!

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