Camp Care Packages: What Would June Cleaver Do?

June Cleaver, of “Leave It To Beaver” fame, was the quintessential mother of the late leave it to beaver1950’s and early 1960’s. Principled and proper, she managed to needlepoint, cook, clean, and attend her ladies’ socials while mothering her two mischievous boys, Beaver and Wally.

What would June include in her boys’ camp care package? Remember camp care package restrictions did not exist back then. Here’s what I think she’d pack:

  1. Homemade cookies and brownies
  2. Checkers set
  3. Slinky, a doodle board, pick up sticks, jacks,
  4. Mille Bourne (the card game!)
  5. Mr Potato Head (metal with spikes)
  6. Cap gun
  7. Chemistry Kit
  8. Sling Shot, Boomerang
  9. Lawn Darts (Jarts)

What do you think would be in Beaver and Wally’s care packages?

Hmmm… No wonder camps started limiting what campers could receive in their packages from home!

Mirth in a Box sells fun,unusual and safe camp care packages! We have traditional premade packages, camp flat packs, share packages, and, if you are feeling creative, you can even make your own camp care package! 

Thanks for the photo, Wikimedia! By ABC Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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