The Monkeys are Running the Zoo! Jokes About Monkeys

Go bananas over these jokes!

    • What did the banana do when it saw the monkeys?Split!24488971464_1e420155ce_n
    • Which type of monkeys fly? Hot Air Baboons!
    • Why don’t the monkeys in the jungle play poker any more? There are just too many cheetahs!
    • How did the monkey know he was sick? He had a belly ape!
    • How do you get a one armed monkey out of a tree? Wave at him!
    • What is a gorilla’s favorite cookie? Chocolate chimp!
    • How do you get an escaped lion back into his habitat? With a bargaining chimp!
    • What did the monkey call his first wife? His prime-mate!funny monkey
    • What do monkeys eat for dessert? Meringue-utans!
    • What do you call a naughty monkey? A badboon!
    • Where do monkeys go for a drink after work? The monkey bars!

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photo credit: Spider Moneky via photopin (license)
photo credit: 234A9853.jpg via photopin (license)

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