April Fools Day Jokes

  • Why did the April fool get fired from working at the M& M factory? He april fool threw out all the W’s!
  • Why do April fools wear ear muffs? To avoid the draft!
  • Why did the April fool stare at the can of frozen orange juice for two hours? Because the can said “concentrate” on it!
  • How do you stop an army of April fools on horseback? Turn off the carousel!
  • What is the April fool doing when he holds his hands tightly over his ears? Trying to hold on to a thought!
  • What did the April Fool say when she looked into a box of Cheerios? Look! Donut seeds!
  • Why did the April fool try and steal a police car? He saw “911” on the back and thought it was a Porsche!

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photo credit: Hampton Court Palace via photopin (license)

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