A Dozen Versions of the Classic Irish Song ‘Danny Boy’

saint patricks day paradeI guess if I were a singer and I was performing on Saint Patrick’s Day, I would have my own version of “Danny Boy”. Some of the singers below nailed it while others…..should be nailed up. Click in the title to be taken to YouTube to see and hear each version.

  • The Celtic Women sing “Danny Boy”– Well, certainly these women have beautiful voices. This version made me think I was in church listening to a hymn. A tad too morose for me (guess that’s why it is popular at funerals). Anyone like this version?
  • Andy Williams sings “Danny Boy”– This is what I grew up hearing. Very Bing CrosbyStandard. No bells and whistles which is OK by me.
  • Bing Crosby sings “Danny Boy”– Yeah. He does the song justice. This is not a video just Bing singing with a photos of him. No ads though! This is an iconic rendition. Maybe this should be THE standard. Agree?
  • Cher sings “Danny Boy”– Well, this clip is straight out of the “Sonny and Cher Show”. Not bad. I liked the fun, cheesy photo montage (memories), but I thought it was way too long.
  • Tom Jones sings “Danny Boy”-Leaping lounge lizards! Get snapping! This is sooo Tom Jones. I could guess who was singing with my eyes closed! However-bleh!
  • Judy Garland sings “Danny Boy”-OK. This made me tear up. The sappy photo judy garlandmontage, Judy’s beautiful voice, the lyrics…..any other wet eyes after this one?
  • Roy Orbison sings “Danny Boy” -Wow. What a voice! This is a pretty good rendition with just a whiff of country.
  • Eric Clapton makes his guitar weep playing “Danny Boy”– Made me want to weep too. I love Eric Clapton. Did any of you mind that it had no lyrics?
  • Liam McNally sings “Danny Boy” -I had a hard time finding a sharable clip of this 14 year old singing “Danny Boy”. This version has an intro you can fast forward through and stop before the judges critique him. Great, short rendition! N’est pas?
  • Elvis Sings “Danny Boy”- Eh. He made it very ‘Elvisesque’ and since I’m not a fan of The King, this version was not my favorite. Good news- this video has the lyrics! Any fans of this version?
  • How to play “Danny Boy” on the harmonica– I may just learn how to do this! This song was meant to be played on a harmonica! Please let me know if it is as easy to play as this tutorial claims!

No Saint Patrick’s Day is complete without the Muppets’ Leprechaun Brothers’ version:

Who sings/plays your favorite version of “Danny Boy”? Please share!

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Photo credit bagpiper:© Pensivedragon | Dreamstime.com – Ottawa\’s Saint Patrick\’s Day Parade 2010 Photo

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