Jokes About Mice: EEEEEEK!

  • What do you get if you try to cross a mouse with a skunk? Dirty looksmouse¬†from the mouse!
  • What does a twenty pound mouse say to a cat? ‘Here kitty, kitty, kitty!’
  • What goes dot, dot, dash, squeak? Mouse code!
  • Why do mice need need to be oiled? Because they squeak!
  • What mouse was a Roman emperor? Julius Cheeser!
  • Why was the mouse afraid of the water? Too many catfish!
  • What is a mouse’s favorite game? Hide and squeak!
  • What did the mouse say when his friend broke his front teeth? Hard cheese for lunch?
  • What do you call a mouse that doesn’t eat, drink, or walk? A computer mouse!
  • What are crisp, like milk and go ‘eek, eek, eek’ when you eat them? Mice Crispies!
  • How does a mouse feel after it takes a shower? Squeaky clean!

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photo credit: Concept photo of a pet rodent in a wine glass via photopin (license)

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