Valentines’ Day Puns: Corny and Cute

  • comic book romanceWhat did the physicist say to her husband? Your quarks are so charming!
  • What did the philosopher say to her lover? I Kant imagine life without you!
  • What did the tarantula say about his date? We met on the web.
  • What did the writer say to her love? You are just my type!
  • What did the baker say to his wife? All we knead is loaf!
  • What did the sailor say to his girlfriend? I warship you!
  • What did the whiskey maker say about her errant husband? I love him still!
  • And did you her about the woman who lost her watch and became a timeless beauty?
  • What did the carpenter say to his true love? I want to nail you (So tender. Not!)
  • Love can be such a touchy subject.

Do feel free to send us some more groaners and knee-slappers!

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photo credit: Romantic Adventures 18 via photopin (license)

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