Blue Christmas!? Jokes to Cheer You Up!

Feeling glum, Chum? The holidays can do that. You’re not the only one:first christmas santa

  • Why was Santa so sad? He didn’t believe in himself!
  • Was was the snowman so sad? He was bi-polar!
  • Why was the Christmas tree so sad? She dropped her needles!
  • Why was the gingerbreadman so sad? He was feeling crumby!
  • Why was Rudolph so sad? All the reindeers laughed and called him names!
  • Why was the elf so sad? He had low elf esteem!
  • What did the Christmas tree say to the string of bulbs when they were sad? Lighten up!
  • Why was Santa so sad (again)?  He was given the sack!
  • What’s red, white, and blue at Christmas time? A sad candy cane!

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photo credit: He was not saying Momma, Momma. via photopin (license)

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