Malapropism Mayhem: Archie Bunker’s Chaotic Communications

Archie Bunker, the cranky patriarch in the 1970’s sitcom, “All in the All in the Family Family” was well-known for mangling the English language. He was particularly skilled at malapropisms (misusing words that are similar in sound). We recently posted All in Good Fun: Archie Bunker’s Hilarious Malapropisms. Our readers sent in so many more of Bunker’s blunders that we just had to share them. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Oh Geez! Why don’t you use some birth patrol?
  • Hell hath no fury like a woman’s corns.
  • Your honor, may I encroach the bench?
  • I think we are too old to be doing all that floor play, Edith.
  • They’re gonna keep the ashes around the house in one of them silver urinals.
  • Ya look like one of those pallburiers at a funeral.
  • It’s a proven fact that capital punishment is a well-known detergent to crime.
  • Something’s rotten in the state of Denver.
  • You gotta grab the bull by the corns.
  • When I die, I don’t want no urology.
  • Don’t talk like an ignorosis.

There were around 200 episodes of “All in the Family” so there must be many, many more verbal gaffs that we missed. Keep sending them in!

Now doesn’t your family sound normal?

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