Fangs for the Vampire Jokes!

  • Why did the vampire subscribe to the NY Times? Because he heard it had a great circulation!Wax vampire lips
  • What did the vampire order at the bar? A Bloody Mary!
  • Why does the vampire need cold medicine? For his coffin!
  • Why are vampire families so close? Because blood is thicker than water!
  • How do vampires flirt? Batting their eyes!
  • Why do vampires have the most active clubs. They’re always looking for new blood!
  • How do vampires go sailing? On blood vessels!
  • How can you tell if a vampire has a cold? He starts coffin’!
  • Vampire’s least favorite food? Steak!
  • Why did Dracula get thrown out of the fun house? He was a pain in the neck!

Every Monday in October brings lots of Halloween jokes!

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