Coffee Jokes: International Coffee Day is Coming!

Did you know that International Coffee Day is September 29th? Well nowcoffee sup you know! Here’s a few coffee jokes to get you in the mood:

Customer: This coffee tastes like dirt!
Barista: That’s not surprising. It was just ground this morning!

Customer: Waiter! Is this supposed to be coffee or tea?
Barista: What does it taste like?
Customer: Gasoline!
Barista: Well, sir, it must be coffee. The tea tastes like turpentine!

californian coffeeCustomer: How much is the coffee?
Barista: Four dollars.
Customer: How much for a refill?
Barista: Those are free.
Customer: I’ll just have a refill.

Doctor: I want you to drink a cup of hot water every morning.
Patient: Really, Doc? I’ve been doing that for years but my wife calls it coffee!

Barista: If you were my wife I would poison your coffee.
Customer: If you were my husband I would drink it!

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