Telling Friend About New Boyfriend Who Works on Manhattan Project Without Spilling Classified Info

Well, I met MP while I was on a camping trip in New Mexico. I just love the southwest soManhattan Project Class Picture much, and I needed some “me time” to recover from the whole Jon affair- criminy, he’s an unreasonable man. Thank goodness he sent me packing, though, otherwise I would never have met MP in that sun-parched land. It was a complete surprise to see him there- the desert is so barren, y’know. Just the same, I came down from the top of a mesa and there he was, hard at work in the middle of the desert. He’s got a job with the government working on something or other for the military. He tried to explain it to me once, but I didn’t quite Bombs Away!get it. Some sort of new application of fishing that I don’t understand. How fishing will help our boys on the front give those nasty Krauts a kick in the pants is beyond me, but MP seems to think it’ll make a big difference. Either way, he’s trying to end the war- isn’t that something? Most of the other relationships I’ve been in have been with pencil pushers- y’know, accountants, underwriters, syndicated sports columnists. It’s so refreshing to be with someone like MP who has such a different perspective on things. He’s really going to make an impact. You’ll see.

Once again we have Alex Berg and his old blog, Microanalysis to thank for this post.

Alex Berg performs regularly at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA with the house Harold Team, Sentimental Lady and his own three-man improv group, Convoy. You might also see him on TV. Thanks, Alex!

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