Screw the Organizers! Bring on the Chaos!

A recent University of Minnesota study  connected a messy desk to a trash can with chickencreative mind. Professional organizers everywhere tried to counter that study with endless articles about decluttering, mindfulness, distraction free productivity and Feng Shui. Few people fell for that! After a long night of introspection, little food and much alcohol, one clever organizer, Helen Hiwater, decided to give the public what they wanted: Mess, mayhem and madness.

messFor about the cost of an overnight stay on the Psych ward,  Helen and her team will enable you to unleash your inner slacker through Helen Hiwater Organizing’s new service called, ”Productive Pandemonium”.

Imagine your workspace staged with full waste paper baskets, week-old slackerfood on chipped plates, cobwebs in every corner, sticky floors, tilted pictures, dirty tissues strewn about, important documents crumpled, and your desk buried under a mound of papers and books! Upcharges include: a selection of bad odors, extra dust, broken furniture and a flatulent dog.

Helen and crew have also adding Dress for Success: Unleash the Creativity Within. This offering tackles the ‘creative genius’ wardrobe. Trousers with be artfully rumpled, shirts will be stained, and your blazers will reek of BO! Of course your socks will be mismatched, your sweaters pilled and moth eaten, and your undergarments will be stretched and soiled. The devil is in the details and Helen loves details!

Helen told us that these new services were so successful that she is scaling back on her organizing business. Ms Hiwater will soon be offering Bedroom Bedlam, Kitchen Rekluttering, and Chaos Creation.

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photo credit: <a href=””>slworking2</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>


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