Executive Toys: 10 Creativity Boosters!

Really? Really! Robert Pirsig (he wrote ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle desk toyMaintenance’) once said,“Boredom always proceeds a period of great creativity”. So….. next time your mind is stuck in neutral, pick up a toy and accelerate your creativity! May we suggest:

  • Magnetic Sculpture-Yeah. It’s a desk top staple for several good reasons: the mindless manipulation of the magnets is tactilely soothing, if you actually create a recognizable form it is a real pat on the back, and they are so inexpensive!
  • Nerd Glasses Pop a pair of these plastic spectacles on to look and feel like a head massager stress relieftrue MENSA member!
  • Workplace Jungle Flashcards-This is some of the best-written work-related humor. Just flipping the card to match your mood is cathartic.
  • Head Massager Maybe your thoughts stuck in your left lobe and need to flow through your right lobe before making it jump to paper. Why not give yourself a little head massage? Can’t hurt!
  • Zombie Sleep Mask I’ve read numerous places that a little midday nap can revitalize body and brain. Slap on this super awesome sleep mask to let your coworkers know it is ‘Do not disturb me” time!
  • Math Mug Two of the most creative people I know drink daily out of this mug. Maybe it’s the mug;maybe it is the coffee.
  • Classic Sounds Noise Machine- I live for silly noises! They wake me up, make me laugh which marinate the old grey matter in oxygen which feeds the ideas, which gets me working……Just get one!
  • Caffeinated Lip Balm– I am a huge fan of caffeine. I like the lip balm because don’t stain anything when I drop it off my desk.
  • Tangle Junior– Did you know that some offices put a pile of Tangles in the middle of a desk to help their employees brainstorm? Tis true I just can’t remember where I read it!creative executive toy
  • And, DRUM ROLL, PLEASE: The Creative Whack Pack-I have been using one of these for decades. I often loan them out…..those are the dark periods before I get a new creative whack pack. It can be literally or, preferably, figuratively a whack on the side of the head. Unless you are a ditch digger, you need one of these for you job.

Mirth in  a Box sells lots of fun and unusual card from creative whack packgifts and care packages. Feeling creative? You can even make your own custom care package! Try it out today!

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