Prescription for a Broken Leg: Doctor Jokes!

If you have a friend who is recuperating from surgery, try these out:pink cast on leg

  • What’s the difference between God and a surgeon? God doesn’t think he’s a surgeon!
  • An old man limped in to the doctor’s office complaining of a bum left knee. The doctor asked him, “How old are you, sir?”.
    “I’m 98!” replied the old man.
    “Pfft”, said the doctor. “You are lucky to be alive. What do you expect at almost 100?”
    “Well my right knee is 98 years old an it doesn’t hurt!” countered the old man.
  • Patient: Doctor, Doctor! My leg hurts! What should I do? Doctor: Limp!
  • Nurse: Doctor, this man broke his leg in two places. What should we do now?
    Doctor: Tell him to stop going to those places!
  • Patient: After my broken leg heals will I be able to run a marathon?
    Doctor: Sure!
    Patient: Great. I’ve never been able to run one before!
  • Nurse: Doctor, Doctor! There’s a man in the waiting room who thinks he’s invisible!
    Doctor: Tell him I can’t see him!
  • What do you say to a hitch hiker with a broken leg? Hop in!

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