Help! My Grandkids Went to Summer Camp!

mini notebooksDo your grand kids spend the summer at sleep away camp? How can a grandparent stay in touch? Most camps ban computers and smart phones (Hallelujah!). Letters, postcards and care packages are the preferred methods of communication! Phew! No more texting!

Need a few ideas on how to make your missives special? Try some of these and let us know how it works for you:

  1. Try creating a rebus! Rebuses are when you use a picture to replace a word. For rebusexample, you might draw a picture of an eye, instead of using the letter I. Funny stuff even if you can’t draw. Be sure to include the answer!
  2. Send a funny postcard!
  3. Short jokes and riddles are always appreciated! My blog, has lots of short, silly jokes such as,” What do you call a rowdy sheep? Rambunctious!”. Groan!
  4. Send a crossword puzzle, word search or word scramble. Just one in each letter!cats cradle instruction book
  5. Send a card game that your grandchild will be able to play with you when he or she gets home. Truly win/win!
  6. Send a small care package (we can help you out with those!). Fill it with games, puzzles, origami papers, maybe a Cat’s Cradle book or embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets.
  7. Do remember that 99.9% of camps do not what any food sent to their camps, so skip the cookies!
  8. Include a self-addressed stamped colored pencilsenvelope. Seems pathetic, but make it easy for your grandchild to write back.
  9. Send a disposable camera! Yes. No cell phones allowed, remember? And few kids will take an expensive camera to camp.
  10.  Send a sketchbook and colored pencils or a journal and pen! Be sure to oh and ah at the artwork at the end of the summer.

What do you send to your grand kids when they are at camp?

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual premade camp care packages. Want to create your own care package? We can help you do that too!


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