Have A Happy Camper: Include These Favorites in Your Camp Care Package

Almost half of the camp care packages that Mirth in a Box sends out are Four In a Rowcustomized by the parents of campers. These were some of the most popular items from the 2014 camp season:

Whoopie cushion great gag gift Mirth in a BoxHuh! I was certainly surprised by the popularity of the high bounce sponge balls and the embroidery floss. My kids were more likely to get excited by a card game or the whoopee cushion.

This year we’ve added a few new items such as sketch books and paracord bracelet kits.paracord bracelet kit

Tell me, tell me! What do you include in your children’s camp care packages?

Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual camp care packages. We think they are the best! Do you?

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